Project Education Plus/Whitney Young

Holiday Tournament




Venues: Hope Athletic Center 2641 W. Harrison Chicago Whitney Young 211 S. Laflin Chicago


Tourney Contacts: Vince Carter 312.520.0905.  Andre Rogers 773.739.0147  Brandon Bright 773.380.9320

Everyone should wear a mask at all times.

We will not be able to do anything about missed games due to Covid-related issues. Your team will just continue to the next game. 

Please arrive at least 45 minutes before each game.  And have your team ready to go at least 15 minutes before your scheduled game time.

Teams should enter and exit on the east side of the building (back).  All fans should enter and exit on the west side of the building (front).  If your team comes separately, someone from your school should be able to identify them.  They will not be allowed in the front entrance without paying.

Admission $8.00/adults; $5/HS student, children  Everyone should have a wristband.  There will be a refreshment stand and an eating area.

Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated from coaches, players, or fans.  Fighting, threats, multiple technical fouls during the event, or any destruction of the venue may result in your team being removed from the tournament and your school being notified.

Game Rules & Exceptions:

NFHS/IHSA rules will be followed with the following exceptions:

*We will play 14-minute halves, clock stops on all whistles; Overtimes are two minutes with only one time out.

*During the second half at the 7:00 mark,if a team is up 20+ points, we will allow a running clock.

*There will be a 5-minute warm up immediately following the end of the previous game.  Teams should be stretched and ready to warm up at the previous game’s conclusion.

*Please do not scream or disrespect the people at the score table.  If there is a perceived discrepancy, alert the officials to look it over.

*No one should be on your bench or in the area surrounding your bench that is not with your team.  If you need someone removed, speak to a representative from the tournament.

Good luck.


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Contact the Executive Director, Vince Carter, at (312) 520-0905 for more information about our Chicago Demons Basketball Program.