Express Yourself Through Photos

Capturing artistic and engaging images is a way to express yourself. Through photography and other art classes, students in 5th through 8th grade are able to embrace their talent for taking exceptional photos all while expressing their mood. At Project Education Plus, we believe the opportunity to participate and explore hobbies with a group is important.

Photography class was made to bring individuals together to not only take pictures, but to edit them as well. PEP has a course designed for people interested in the many aspects of photography, including the editing that occurs after photoshoots. We have weekly classes, outings, events and more!

Whether you are interested in landscape, architecture, or portrait photos, we’d love to have you in our Photography Club. Classes are held at The Stamps-Rhine Center.

1327 N. Larrabee Avenue

Chicago, IL 60610

For more information on how to sign up for our Photography Club, contact:

Jamal Dantzler at (773) 580-8683 or

Deylon Jefferies at (773) 484-6939 or